SSC regularly work for local authorities and waste removal companies to carry out dig out cleans to their dustcart vehicles.  A dig out clean is exactly how it sounds – rotten food or waste accumulates over time on the inside of the dustcart, causing mechanical failures if not cleaned adequately and frequently.  In some extreme cases, waste built up in dustcarts can even become a fire hazard as the dirt and liquid can leak through to the gearbox and engine.

The cost of keeping a dustcart out of operation whilst it is being fixed is high, therefore it pays off to keep them regularly cleaned.

During any dig out clean, the carriage plate rams are firstly cleared of any trapped waste.  Once we are happy all waste is cleared, we then set to work carrying out a thorough clean of the entire vehicle, including the sweep blade and bin lifts.  We ensure that each and every dustcart we clean is left in a safe and hygienic standard for its operatives.  This is exactly the process that was followed in this case study example.  The before and after pictures show the difference a deep clean can make to such a vehicle.

As with any SSC service, we ensure our customers are happy with our service before handing back the vehicle.

SSC have been established for over 23 years and are experts in commercial fleet cleaning, including dig out cleans.  We are proud of each and every job we do and are happy to work with trusted partners.

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