electrostatic disinfection process
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electrostatic disinfection

Electrostatic Decontamination Service

Gain peace of mind with our new electrostatic decontamination service with 30 day covid protection.

This service is perfect for cleaning a variety of spaces including offices, schools, leisure centres, shops and vehicles.

How does electrostatic disinfection process work?

Electrostatic disinfection is the process of spraying an electrically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Particles in the spray are electrically charged so they cover and stay on the surface they land on. The chemicals in the spray then work on eradicating any viruses and bacteria they land on.

It is a quick and effective method of removing potentially harmful bacteria, mould spores and viruses including corona viruses and kills them within 30 seconds of contact.

The chemical solution we use is completely safe to use on all areas and surfaces including electrical, soft furnishings and upholstery.  The fine mist also reaches hard to clean areas, so you can be certain the area is fully sanitised.

Our electrostatic gun enable us to fog many different sizes of space.  We can carry out our electrostatic decontamination service on lorry cabs before a shift change, through to minibuses and coaches.

This service is even ideal for quickly and effectively cleaning classrooms, changing rooms, office blocks, shops and hairdressers or salons.

Please contact us on 01923 549 029 or feel free to email us at info@sscfleetcleaning.co.uk

We can discuss your requirements and frequency of cleans as well as providing you with an accurate quote.