Before & Afters

Here at SSC we take pride in every vehicle clean as if it were one of our own vehicles. Here you can see many examples of different types of cleans we have carried out for our customers and more importantly the difference a good clean can make to any commercial vehicle and the way it operates.

Dustcarts are prone to collecting dirt and waste and in this case, attracting rats, which subsequently chewed through a wire. The lorry was given a thorough clean by SSC before being fixed.

These before and after pictures show the rear of a typical dustcart. It’s carriage plate, sweep blade and bin lifts were all deep cleaned by SSC, leaving it in a much more hygienic condition for it’s operatives to use.

The above two sets of pictures show the before and after of a clean to the underneath of a typical lorry.  SSC are specialists in Pre MOT cleans, which are necessary to assist in the inspection of vehicles.  Using a deep clean and professional cleaning products designed to remove dirt and grime, SSC were able to leave this lorry in perfect condition ready for it’s MOT.