Dig Out Cleans for Trucks Fleets and Vans

SSC Dig Out Clean

Less Debris, Less Downtime

Refuse collection vehicles or dust carts are notorious for collecting dirt and grime and over time can lead to mechanical breakdowns. This sadly equates to unforseen costs for companies or local authorities and can often result in missed refuse collections if vehicles are out of action.

SSC are highly trained in the area of cleaning refuse trucks (often called dig out cleans) and we ensure our staff complete detailed risk assessments and method statements for this type of cleaning. When we visit a depot we ensure that each vehicle first undergoes a dig out clean (removing any debris) and then put the vehicle through a much deeper clean, ensuring that the dust cart blades and lift sensors are cleaned thoroughly.

SSC can quote for dig out cleans on a basis to suit your needs whether this is once or twice weekly. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.