All too often, company owners view the cleaning of their trucks as an expense and fail to acknowledge just how detrimental it can be if ignored. While it does cost money to keep a truck or lorry clean, the benefits far outweigh the expenses!

Regular Fleet Cleaning Can Save you Money!

As temperatures drop, roads are being covered in all types of chemicals and dirt such as dust, road ice, sodium and magnesium chloride. Not only does this cause rusting and corrosion to the vehicles, but it also builds up dirt adding more weight to the truck. By having your truck cleaned regularly, you are effectively maintaining your vehicle to last longer. In the long term, this avoids the expense of replacing parts that have broken down due to corrosion. In addition, it produces less drag and equates to a reduction in fuel consumption. When fuel is one of the biggest expenses every little helps and can save you money in the long run.

Tip – If you’re unsure on how to wash your vehicle hire a professional as you could cause more damage. If not done properly water can reactivate the chemicals which can spread into other areas of your lorry and make things worse.

Easy to Spot Issues

If you have a dirty vehicle it can be harder to detect any defects in advance. Think about the idea of trying to find a leak when a pipe is covered in muck. Exactly. Impossible! Ensuring your fleet of vehicles are clean can make it easier for drivers or technicians to notice chaffing lines, electrical problems, crack as well as damaged components. Spotting any issues in the earlier stages helps you avoid large costs in repairs as well as time.

Enhanced Your Image and Reputation with Fleet Cleaning

The reputation of a company is not only focused on the service/product provided but can also be impacted by the way a stakeholder or the general public views the company. If you have a dirty vehicle that is constantly on the road being viewed by thousands of people, it can give the impression that your company may be careless. A clean vehicle makes a more positive impression than a dirty one. Your vehicles are part of your marketing and if your branding is unclear and covered in dirt, how are you going to attract potential customers?

A clean truck can also impact the type of employees you have. The way someone dresses can affect the way that they behave and interact with others, taking pride in your company. A vehicle is part of the uniform and if it is not up to scratch, it can affect the way that your drivers do their job and interact with others. Furthermore, if you have a shortage of drivers, having a reputation of dirty vehicles can potentially discourage great applicants and drive them towards competitors.

The ramifications of a dirty fleet are many and can affect the long-term operations of your business. If you want to avoid high, unexpected costs and improve your overall image incorporate getting your vehicles cleaned in your maintenance schedule.

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