The benefits of looking after and scheduling regular fleet cleans for your vehicles are so many that it would be impossible to ignore the practice within your organisation. In society we realise the role that image has to play on your brand so it’s crucial that the vehicles that represent your brand are clean. Let’s not even get started on all of the money you will save, as a well looked after vehicle saves you fuel expenses and reduces the risk of breaking down.

When planning the cleaning management of your fleet, a regular question that you may ask yourself is whether you should manage the cleaning process inhouse or outsource the job load? While there are no right or wrong answers there are many advantages of hiring another company to manage your fleet cleaning.

  1. Increased core business efficiency

One big advantage of outsourcing your fleet cleaning is that your able to concentrate on your core business. Rather than focusing on building up staff to ensure that vehicles are clean, you are able to hire employees to focus on your actual business, which can result to increased profitability from your company’s core activities. Relying on internal staff to keep up with regular washing schedules when they have so many tasks on their list can leave the job half done.

  1. Efficiencies of scale

 Hiring out a company to help you with the job can benefit both parties. Since fleet cleaning is the core of their business, they are able to provide great pricing. Usually, the more workload they take on, the more cost effective they can become. If you were to wash your vehicles inhouse, you will be looking at higher expenses. This consists of purchasing the expensive equipment and cleaning products, hiring employees as well as disposing waste safely to ensure you don’t harm the environment around you.

  1. Get help from the experts

 SSC has been in the industry for over 23 years so there is nothing that we haven’t yet seen. Hiring a company can save you time from learning from your mistakes. Fleet cleaning is not just a regular wash i.e. for a car, there are special techniques and products used through the process to ensure that vehicles are left in perfect condition. If not done correctly you could cause more damage as although a vehicle may look clean, grime and salt can be left on or pushed in leaving it to slowly corrode.

  1. You save money on payroll

Another advantage of hiring an external company is that it saves you time and money on your payroll. The cost of employees increases every year as you have to take into consideration the benefits, training, insurance, taxes and other packages you have in place for your employees. Also, you have to pay attention on the time spent organising all the different information you have to process through. By outsourcing your fleet cleaning requirements, you save so much as they will handle all the payroll for their own employees.

Businesses outsource all different types of tasks that sometimes are not worth doing in-house. Fleet cleaning can be one of them as it makes sense to let the professionals handle the job.

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