Many businesses have had to adapt in the past couple of years to the new regulations and hygiene requirements from the pandemic. This has been no different for haulage companies and council waste teams, with many new regulations to follow to keep workers and the public safe. If you own or run a team that uses heavy vehicles, it is important that you undertake regular cleaning on both the interior and exterior of your staff’s vehicles.


With the pandemic continuing to come in waves, it is more important than ever to keep the interior of your trucks, vans, and fleet, clean and sanitary. We all know that after several long journeys, the inside of your trucks can be cluttered and in need of a deep clean. At SSC, we offer a full interior clean for any type of vehicle, which can ensure your fleet is covid-free and ready to be used by any of your staff. Not only do you want your staff to have an aesthetically nice work environment, but also a sanitary and safe one too.


Our teams can use electrostatic decontamination to clean the interior of your truck cabins, using electrically charged disinfecting mist to clean every inch. The mist cleans every nook and cranny inside your vehicle, with the electrical charge eliminating bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds! It is safe for use on soft furnishings and electrical points, making it useful for cleaning the interior of truck cabins, minibuses, and buses too! It is the top choice for those wishing to make their vehicle interiors COVID-free and safe for employees, and the public, to use.


Interior cleaning should be seen as a necessity for heavy vehicles, especially those being used by members of the public. For public vehicles, electrostatic decontamination can be a quick option to get your vehicle fleet ready each week. Be ahead of the rest, and make sure your vehicles are sparkling clean inside and out, creating a reputation that will stay with your company for many years after the pandemic. Interior cleaning is equally as important as livery washes, for maintaining your brand image and reputation.


Our teams can offer interior cleaning of your fleet alongside livery cleans, which are vital for the maintenance of your fleet. We offer competitive pricing and can come to wherever your fleet is based with our fully mobile cleaning team. During the pandemic, having a clean fleet inside and out has never been more important, and our teams are on hand to disinfect your vehicles from West London to Buckingham and Berkshire.


If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us today on 01923 549 029 to speak to a member of our team.