SSC Fleet Cleaning prides itself on being at the forefront of cleaning technology, and that is why we offer an electrostatic decontamination service. Whilst it sounds complicated, it is a very simple method to ensure your vehicle, classroom or office is clean and sanitary. There are many benefits of this type of cleaning, which we shall outline below so you can know exactly why it is so important and useful!


Electrostatic decontamination uses an electrically charged mist to deeply clean all surfaces it touches. The mist consists of disinfecting chemicals which can reach any small corner or space to ensure a deep clean. The particles are negatively electrically charged, creating an attraction to surfaces greater than gravity, making the cleaning chemicals in the solution wrap around every inch of the surface. This includes the sides, underside and back of a surface! In an office, this can help to clean hard to reach spaces like the gaps in a keyboard, or between documents on a shelf.


One of the many benefits of electrostatic decontamination is that it can be used on any type of surface. It doesn’t damage fabrics, upholstery, electronics, or clothing! This makes it perfect for general use in a wide array of environments. We have previously used electrostatic disinfection in classrooms, offices and inside lorry cabins. The level of cleanliness from this method of cleaning is unmatched, and highly recommended during the current pandemic.


This method is incredibly fast, sanitising a surface in 30 seconds! This makes it useful in office environments, where you do not want to close an office for cleaning for a couple of hours. Instead, with this disinfecting method, a whole office can be disinfected within an hour (depending on the size of office of course!). In vehicles, this can be a great way of quickly disinfecting lorry cabs to prepare it for the next driver, with minimal stress, hassle, or time wastage. With our mobile fleet, we can come and disinfect your fleet wherever and whenever you need us to.


The electrostatic gun can create as much or as little fog as needed for your space, allowing us to disinfect large classrooms and small lorry cabins. We offer our electrostatic decontamination service on its own, or alongside our livery washes with competitive pricing. We believe that having a clean environment is important both for your employees and the reputation of your brand, especially when you have members of the public involved.


If you are in need of a cleaning service, consider our electrostatic decontamination service and give us a call on 01923 549 029 today! We can come to you, travelling across West London to Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.